Pet of the Week: Gunner

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - “Hi my name is Ellen and this week’s Pet of the Week is Gunner. He is a really sweet, energetic boy who needs some basic obedience training, but would love to play with older kids and adults and other dogs. His previous family stated that he is house trained, he comes and whines at the door, and he does know how to sit but he doesn't know very much else, and needs to be trained a little bit more. Gunner would not be a good dog with very small children as he is very rambunctious and might knock small children over. Gunner is a very high energy breed and will need more than just a walk every day, he will need lots of play time and stimulation. If Gunner isn't the right dog for you, then he has lots of other buddies at the shelter waiting for you.” Mitchell said.