PET OF THE WEEK: Kimba the Husky

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) (The following was shared with us by Sarah Harmon with Fairbanks North Star Borough Animal Control)

Our Pet of the Week is Mr Kiba.

He is a little over a year old, an Alaskan Husky, and he's been waiting for a new home since about the middle of September.

So he's our longest resident at the moment.

He is pretty young and enthusiastic. He doesn't have a whole lot of obedience training. So he would need someone who would have a lot of time and patience to give him the exercise and structure he needs to succeed in life.

He does have some separation anxiety, and has some trouble staying inside of a crate during the day; however we've been in a dog house outside with the sled dogs during the day, and he seems to really enjoy being out there and is much calmer and happier.

He doesn't have a very thick coat though, so he would need to come in at night or when the temperature drops.

He loves attention. He doesn't always get along with other dogs, [so] he would need to go to a single dog home.

He would do great in a skijoring home with lots of kids.

This love bug is looking for a home. We'd love for you to come and meet him. If Kiba is not quite the one for you, he has lots of other friends here. So come on down and find yourself a new friend.