Pet of the Week: 5 Guinea Pigs

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Summer is almost here, which means being outside and these little piggies are looking to soak up some sun with you.
Let's go meet News 13's Pets of the Week.

"Hi I'm Kimberly and this week's Pets of the Week are Guinea Pigs. We have 5 guinea pigs at the shelter who are looking for loving homes. All of them came to us because of allergies with their people. And all of them are one year old or younger." said Kimberly. "So we have a pair of females, a mother and a daughter, short hair and long hair. One of them has very luxurious long hair. We have a boy of boys, one short hair and one long hair as well. And a single male who is short haired. The long haired guinea pigs are a little more high maintenance because things get tangled, like bedding, and they have to be cleaned more often. But they are really beautiful and guinea pigs are really friendly and interactive pets for people. Another thing that people should thing about is that the allergy thing might be more bedding and general housekeeping of guinea pigs. So wood chips are not recommended, newspaper based bedding are recommended. They love fresh treats. They need vitamin C so they love bell peppers and oranges and a lot of them get really excited when they hear a refrigerator or a bag. We have a lot of guinea pigs, bunnies, and dogs looking for loving homes at the shelter as well as a couple of little cats."