Pet of The Week: Meet Willow the dog

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) This time on News 13's Pet of the Week, the featured pal is named Willow, as in "Will you adopt me"?

"Hello, I am Lacross, and this weeks pet of the week is Willow. Willow is a 12 year old shepherd and pitbull mix who would love to find a home to settle down in.

Here at the shelter, we did some blood work on Willow and her blood work came back in the low to normal range for her thyroid levels. Because of this she could lose some weight and it would help her out. Because she doesn't like puppies jumping in her face and she really just wants to do her own things, mutual visits are highly recommended for her.

Willow can be a really loving dog when she wants to, but she also appreciates her time alone. Because of this, older children who are more respectful of her wishes and can read her body language would be more, recommended.

Come on down to the animal shelter Willow has lots of friends that are waiting to get adopted with her."

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