Permanent Fund Work Group meets between special session on PFD

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska Three weeks ahead of the second special session, the Permanent Fund Work Group is scheduled to meet on Wednesday.

It will be the third meeting for the group since they were formed. The last meeting saw co-chair, Representative Jennifer Johnston, assign three different Permanent Fund Dividend payouts for the group to research; a $3,000 statutory payout, a $1,600, the same as it has been for the past few years, and a $900 amount that would be paid after the budget is completely balanced. Co-chair Senator Click Bishop says their next meeting primary point of this meeting will be to look at the history of the PFD.

The Interior's other member of the group, Representative Adam Wool, says he is thrilled to be named to the committee and spoke on what he hopes they will accomplish.

"To me I think we need to come up with a new formula, so that we can still payout a PFD check, now and into the future," said Rep. Wool. "The current formula, as it stands, is not sustainable. We will deplete the earnings reserve if we continue to payout according to the formula. In which case, after that's gone, there's really no more money for checks."

The meeting will start at 11 am in Anchorage. It’s scheduled to last until 6 pm.