PET OF THE WEEK: Sweet Alaskan husky needs new home

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Dusty is still looking for his fur-ever home to kick up his paws. Kimberly Imbert tells us about him.

"Hi, I'm Kimberly and this week's pet of the week is Dusty. Dusty is a seven year old Alaskan husky who is looking for a new lifestyle change. He was originally a sled dog who was on a recreational mushing team and he would attack oncoming dogs, so he is not suited for being on a recreational team or even skijoring because you do encounter other dogs at a high speed, so he is hoping to be a pet dog.
Dusty really enjoys being outside, but he is learning how to enjoy the inside, and he likes cuddling up on a bed and taking really nice naps. He is still really active; seven is not very old for a husky. He needs an active home, but he has actually done really well with other dogs while he has been at the shelter. Some of them he doesn't like, but there are a lot of dogs he tolerates just fine so he can be walked near other dogs. We just recommend that he has a mutual visit if you have other dogs in the home and you are interested in Dusty.
Dusty is really handsome. He has one ear that goes up and one that goes down which makes him really unique, and he is really sweet and he can be really personable when you get to know him and he is just a really really neat boy. And he knows how to settle, so he will take those naps once he figures out how to be a house dog it will be really nice for his new family he just needs some training like a puppy does so that he can figure out what he is supposed to do inside instead of pacing. He already thinks furniture is probably a really cool idea. He also has other dog, cat, and small animal friends looking for loving homes."