PET OF THE WEEK: Ollie the lab mix

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska He's ready to skate into your life. Animal tender Kimberly Imber talks about Ollie in this week’s edition of 'Pet of the Week.'

"Ollie is a ten month old lab and Akita mix. He came to the shelter because his owner was physically unable to continue to train him and exercise him, and he is a large active puppy.

Ollie is a lot like a lab, he is really happy go lucky. He gets along with dogs and cats, and would probably do well with children if he is slowly and nicely introduced. He is also really mouthy, he likes to hold things with his mouth, and that's kind of a retriever trait. So he would do really good with someone that plays with him with toys and he might even enjoy retrieving.

Ollie is a big puppy. He's ten months old. He is mostly house broken but needs some more work on that, and would do great going to an obedience class where he could learn more manners and tricks and how to be a good member of his family.

Ollie is crate trained and has been an inside dog so he wants to be a part of the family, he is really sweet, a great personality. He loves toys, so he is just a big puppy.

Ollie has other dog, cat, turtle and rabbit friends all looking for loving homes as well."