PET OF THE WEEK: Meet Rolland the Siberian Husky

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) If you don't catch yourself, you will find yourself fallin' for Rolland.

If you don't catch yourself, you will find yourself fallin for Rolland. Meet Rolland in this edition of Pet of the Week.

Animal tender, Sarah Harman, introduced Rolland as our latest Pet of the Week. Here's her report:

"So this is Rolland. He is a year and a half old Siberian Husky. He came to us as a stray so we don't know a whole lot about him, but since he has been here he has been very friendly and very sweet to all the people he has interacted with. He seems to enjoy his other K-9 neighbors, especially the dog he came in with, Rosemary.

He is very sweet and seems to know basic obedience but is a very active young husky so he can be quite excitable. He likes to jump up on you and give you hugs. He could definitely benefit from some more obedience training to help him learn how you would like him to behave and help you guys bond.

He would benefit highly from a very active family. And since we don't know a lot about him we would recommend that you bring in the whole family to meet him to make sure that he is going to be a good fit.

If Rolland isn't the one for you we have a lot of dogs available right now. We have a lot of different huskies and a few lab mixes and a couple others. We are very very full right now, so if you can adopt we would love for you to come down. We also have some cats and some guinea pigs and some other small animals as well looking for homes. So come on down and find a new friend."

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