PET OF THE WEEK: Gadget and Gizmo

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - These bunny brothers are ready to take over your heart and your home.
Let's go meet News 13's Pets of the Week.

"Hi, I'm Kimberly and this week's Pets of the Week are Gizmo and Gadget. They were brought to the shelter after six years in their home because their owners could no longer provide care for them. They are both really friendly well socialized rabbits who are looking for a loving home. Gizmo is a really beautiful Dutch Rabbit who was neutered. He's kind of fancy, so that's kind of exciting about him. He is really friends and likes to be pet, but he does not like to be held. Gadget is a bigger boy and he is a little chunky, but he is a really pretty variety of colors. He does like to be held. He is a little calmer and maybe a little more timid, so he won't hop up to you maybe as quickly as Gizmo will. Both of these rabbits are litter box trained and pretty tidy. They are both really sweet and would be good interactive pets for first time rabbit owners because some rabbits aren't always so sweet and some of them have bigger attitudes than others. Gizmo and Gadget have a lot of other rabbit friends at the shelter as well looking for loving homes."