PET OF THE WEEK: Farfel the Chow-Chow

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) (The following was shared with us by Sarah Harmon with Fairbanks North Star Borough Animal Control)

Farfel showing off his cute face (Carly Sjordal, KTVF)

Hi my name is Sarah. I’m here at the Fairbanks North Star Borough Animal Control Shelter. We’re here with our Pet of the Week, Farfel.

Farfel is a 7 year old Chow-Chow. This is his second time in the shelter. He was in his previous home for about 6 months. They said he was doing really well but his previous owner started going back to school, and was working full time... and Farfel wasn’t getting enough exercise as he needed and trying to escape out the door. When he did escape out the door he would go over and look at the neighbor’s chickens. He never hurt any of them but it was making the neighbor very nervous.

So Farfel came back to the shelter and is hoping to find a family that is home more, and can be active with him and get him the attention and exercise he would love.

Chow-Chows can be a very particular breed so we recommend you do a little research on them before coming to visit Farfel. His previous owner said that he did well with the 7 year old child in the home and her friends, but Chow-Chows frequently don’t like people getting up into their face so we would recommend mutual visits with any smaller young children you have in the home.

Farfel is a nice boy who’s looking for a little more of an active home that can give him the attention his cute face deserves. If Farfel is not quite the one for you, then we have lots of other animals available here. We have lots of other dogs, lots of guinea pigs, a couple cats and some ferrets as well. So come on down and see if you can’t find yourself a new friend.

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