Over 49,000 Signatures Submitted in Governor Recall Effort

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) The effort to recall Governor Mike Dunleavy is one step closer to reality. Supporters of the effort marched with the group known as 'Recall Dunleavy' from the CIRI parking lot in Anchorage to the Division of Elections office as they submitted 49,006 signatures. The group needed to collect a minimum of 28,501 signatures for the recall to move to its next step. Now it is up to the Director of the Division of Elections, Gail Fenumiai, to determine if the recall effort is legitimate. Recall supporter Vic Fischer, who is the last living person that helped write the Alaska State Constitution, says the re is no legal problem with the groups efforts.

Vic Fischer, the last living person to help write the Alaska State Constitution, is shown smiling while looking at boxes of signatures to recall Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy that were delivered to the Alaska Division of Elections office in Anchorage, Alaska, on Thursday, Sept. 5, 2019. Fischer is one of the recall organizers, who say they submitted 49,0006 signatures in in an attempt to force the recall election of the first-term governor. (AP Photo/Mark Thiessen)

"We're certainly solid on the number of signatures," said Fischer. "We certainly look forward to getting clearance by the state. If they give us a hard time, we'll end up at superior court. We're sure that our charges against the governor are solid in accordance with state law and the constitution."

According to a press release from the Division of Elections, they are reached out to the Department of Law to help determine whether this effort meets the requirements of a recall. A legal review from the Department of Law has been requested to take place within 60 days. The Department of Law agreed to review the effort. According to Alaska's Attorney General, Kevin Clarkson, "...60 days will give us adequate time to do a thorough legal review and provide our legal recommendation to the director."

The Division of Elections says because this is a statewide effort, it will take longer than usual to verify the signatures. Meanwhile, the Recall Dunleavy Group says they are moving to the second phase of their campaign, collecting 71,253 signatures.