Operation Glow lights up the night, keeping kids safe with reflective gear

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Wednesday night the streets of Fairbanks were filled with trick- or-treaters, eager to fill up their bags and stomachs with candy.

Local law enforcement were out as well, handing out glow sticks as part of Operation Glow, in an effort to keep kids safe on Halloween.

Deputy Chief Dan Welborn with the Fairbanks Police Department, was one of the officers participating in this year’s event.

"Especially in Fairbanks Alaska, its cold and its dark on Halloween night and we want everyone to be safe and seen,” he said.

By handing out glow sticks kids can be seen in the dark, reducing the risk of a driver hitting a child while traveling from house to house.

Police handed out these reflective devices in the Riverview area, Hamilton acres, Executive Estates, Island homes, and other parts of south Fairbanks. Welborn adds that once officers turn on their overhead lights on their patrol cars, kids immediately run over to see what’s going on.

“A lot of years we've even driven into these neighborhoods and the kids are running after our cars. It's a feel good event that we enjoy doing as law enforcement that we like putting on for the community,” he said.

These glow sticks are intended to last roughly six to eight hours and this year FPD handed out about 9,000 of these reflective devices.

Welborn also gave these safety tips for families, “Of course reflective material is always a good idea, don't go up to doors that are not lit by a porch lamp, something like that, stay with brother, sister, your parent, legal guardian and try to put a phone number in their pockets if you can, that way if you become separated we know that we can possibly ask for that or get it ourselves and call someone,” he said.

FPD also handed out food vouchers to drivers as an incentive to slow down and be mindful of busy streets.