November Snowfall Already in Top 10 for Fairbanks Winter History

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - It's been a white winter so far in the Interior, and with a week still to go, Fairbanks is piling up one of its top 10 snowiest Novembers.
This month's snowfall is currently sitting at 29.3 inches - six inches above the average 23.3 by this date.
According to meteorologist, Melissa Kreller, at the National Weather Service, November of last year saw only about 4.4 inches of snow.
Kreller says the interior's snowfall this year is ranked at 8th place all-time.
She says if the area receives another 1.4 inches of snowfall by the end of the month, that would push this year's November snowfall into 7th place for the past century.

Melissa Kreller; Meteorologist - National Weater Service>>"Last year was drier obviously with only 4.4 inches and so right now were just above where we normally are which is about 6 inches, at 29.3 inches. So we've just had a little bit more weather events that have moved through that given us that snowfall. If we get 1.4 inches by November 30th at the end of the day, will actually meet the 2015 record which is in 7th place right now. It'll be a close tie because we actually have in the next snow that's expected to come into Fairbanks will be on the November 30th so will see if we meet that 1.4 inches."