North Pole Mayor Discusses Plans for Dealing with Air Force Influx

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - With an estimated 5 hundred million dollars in construction planned for Eielson to prepare for the F-35's, the base will not be the only site impacted by an increase in jobs and personnel.
The regions surrounding the base will be affected, as well.
Mayor Ward discussed these impacts to a crowded room of community members.
The initial phases of plans to accommodate the expansion, such as building out city water lines, have already begun.
Mayor Ward discussed why the Salcha - Badger Road area is significant for the imminent growth.

Mayor Bryce Ward; City of North Pole >> "Why do we need a sub-area plan? Why are we so concerned about growth in the North Pole area, particularly because that's where the growth has happened. We have the last census track data. Between 2000 and 2010, Alaska grew 13%, the borough grew 18%, and then this is a breakdown of the North Pole Area, Salch grew 26%, the North Pole area 29%, Badger Road area 36, and Northeast of North Pole 415. So when you break down that and you look at the numbers borough-wide, really the North Pole area has been carrying the growth for the borough for the last decade and is anticipated even into this next decade with this census data."