Non-Profit Groups Will Feel Loss of Sam's Club Donations

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The sudden Sam's Club closure is affecting multiple facets of the community, and the non-profit sector is no exception.
Sam's Club provided food and volunteers to local non-profits over the years.
With the closure imminent, organizations such as the 'Fairbanks Community Food Bank' and 'Meals on Wheels' are having to reorganize to help prepare for the lack of the much needed donations.
Meals on Wheels Executive director, Darlene Supplee, and Food Bank Executive Director, Anne Weaver, say that although the organizations will see a significant decrease in donations and an increase in the cost of supplies, they will continue with business as usual.
Darlene Supplee; Executive Director, Meals on Wheels>>: "We're here, we'll figure it out. We'll work it out. The community is resourceful and we have tremendous hearts here, so I always know that here in our community that we make sure that we take care of each other one way or another. We'll keep doing what we do and problem solving our way through."
Anne Weaver; Executive Director, Fairbanks Community Food Bank>>: "I'm forever going to be optimistic because this community is just that amazing. We're going to be okay, we're going to be okay because we do it together. It's not a Food Bank of 17 staff, it's a Food Bank of 100,000 interior Alaska community members strong. We're going to be okay and we're going to whether this together and come out on the other side that much stronger."