Noble Street Construction Project Begins

It's that time of year again... Construction season has set its sights on Noble Street.

Many people seem to agree that Noble Street is in need of a makeover; and while it may pose a bit of an inconvenience for the public, The Department of Transportation says some benefits to the reconstruction include smoother driving surfaces, handicap accessible sidewalks, replacement of aging storm drains, and replacement of outdated street lights.
The construction was set to include Lacey Street as well, going from 1st to 12th Avenue; but due to funding, the scope has been dropped to Noble through Gaffney.
DOT wants to remind drivers to stay alert when passing through construction zones and be aware of any detour signs posted.

"So if you've driven down Noble Street any time recently you know that there are a lot of cracks and rutting and the sidewalk has a lot of cracks too. So this project will be a major reconstruction of Noble from 1st to Gaffney. It will be closed to thru traffic throughout the summer but you will be able to access all the businesses, it will be slightly different routes to get to those businesses though. We really appreciate everyone's patients as we get this worked on this summer."