New Trampoline Park Opens to Public

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - From playing dodge ball to jumping into foam pits, the Fly Trampoline Park at the Alaska Club is a place for fun; and now, it has officially opened.
David Spindler joined in the excitement of opening day.

Most of the flooring at Fly Trampoline Park consists of trampolines. But there's more to it than just jumping around. The inside of the park consists of a dodge ball court, foam pits, climbing wall, Wipeout, basketball hoop, and a ninja warrior course. There's also an overhead deck for parents to watch and a laser maze. The ninja course is still under construction but kids can test their skills out on the warped wall. Marketing Promotions Specialist, Tina Tipner, says the look of the trampoline park will hopefully catch kids' attention.

Tina Tipner; Marketing Promotions Specialist - Fly Trampoline Park>>"It's a great place for family entertainment. It's unique, there's nothing like it. it gets kids to be active and it's a great place during these winter months coming up. I mean there's a lot to do. We have dodge ball, Wipeout, foam pits, there's arcade games. You can have parties here. It's just an all-around great experience."

Tipner says the opening day of the park was a success.

Tina Tipner; Marketing Promotions Specialist - Fly Trampoline Park>>"Opening day has been exciting. It's so great to finally see the kids in the park. The families, the parents, everyone enjoying themselves."

Trampolines can be dangerous, so staff say one of the biggest priorities of the park is safety. Each station has watchers making sure things don't get out of control.

Geoffrey Vey; Ground Crew - Fly Trampoline Park>>"As of now, I am ground crew so I supervise and I monitor all of the attractions. We rotate and we just make sure everyone is safe, everyone is applying the rules. My favorite would probably be the Wipeout and or the diving platform for the foam pit. Just because I have not got to try the American ninja warrior course cause it's still under construction."

David Spindler reporting.