New FPD Show Being Filmed

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Filming for a new TV show about the Fairbanks Police Department has begun.
Crews from Engel Entertainment will be following the FPD while they film a new police show for A & E.
According to a statement from Dan Silberman, the Senior Vice President of Communications at A & E, "The series will serve as an inside look at the difficult work of law enforcement in an environment vastly different from what they are familiar with in the lower 48 states."
Camera crews will be with law enforcement as they go about their jobs for roughly four more weeks.
According to a phone call from Stephanie Angelides, the Executive Vice President at Engel, they will not show any person's face unless a release is signed and if there are people in the background who haven't signed a release, they will blur out those faces.
FPD was unavailable for an interview.