New Details In North Pole Area Robbery, Shooting

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - 18-year-old Conner O'Neill is charged with second-degree theft.
According to the Affidavit by police, on October 7th, O'Neill and a 17-year-old were seen starting a man's truck in an alleged attempt to steal it.
The vehicle owner grabbed a firearm and told the two to exit his truck at gun-point.
The juvenile hid as O'Neill began to run.
The victim told O'Neill to stop running, and O'Neill then turned towards him.
The truck owner reportedly fired one shot, striking O'Neill, at which point the alleged thief took off running towards Badger Road.
The juvenile remained on the ground.
O'Neill was found a short time later in an apartment building hallway, bleeding and banging on doors.
O'Neill was also allegedly in possession of a backpack with a stolen gun inside.
Upon investigation, multiple witnesses say they saw the two attempting to break into several vehicles prior to the shooting.
Officials say their shoe and finger prints corroborated this statement.