New Airport Renovation Planned for 2021

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Fairbanks international airport is working on a 20-year master plan to renovate parts of the east side of the facility.
Changes include resurfacing one of their runways mainly used for small airplanes, and reconstructing the east apron, where planes are tied down and parked.
They will also be providing power to all of the aircraft tie-down locations, allowing pilots to plug in their planes.
Airport engineer, Richard Stumpf, said most of the work won't affect the general public... Just the general aviation community who uses the east side of the airport.
"The first two projects are really the big ones coming out of this master plan, and the first one is to repave runway '2 right 20 left,' which is our small general aviation runway. Part of that will include reducing the length, currently its at 6500 feet and we're really looking at what are the needs for that runway and who it serves," said Stumpf. Construction is expected to begin in the summer of 2021.