New Airport Police & Fire Chief named, Aaron Danielson takes position

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Aaron Danielson has been named the Chief of Police and Fire at the Fairbanks International Airport.
Danielson has been in this position for six months and has been working as a fire and police officer at the airport for over 11 years.
He oversees all fire, police, and EMS activity at FAI. He has worked in a variety of positions while at the airport - from extinguisher maintenance, to fire instructor, to police field training officer.
Danielson told us what he thinks about his job, and his crew, “It's a very unique position. We put an incredible amount of training and expertise into both police and fire professions and all of the EMS and additional airport requirements as well. It's a very well trained and dedicated staff that we have here at the airport to provide both police and fire services,” he said.
Danielson is a lifelong resident of Alaska, and grew up right here in Fairbanks.