Natural Gas in the Interior Could Soon be a Reality

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Natural Gas is a topic that a lot of people don't believe it will ever come to the Interior.
Interior Gas Utility is exploring potential options that may make that dream a reality.
Interior Gas Utility met with Siemens Government Technologies earlier today in a public hearing to explore options for natural gas partnerships.
The goal of the meeting was for the I-G-U board to be able to make decisions regarding prospective gas suppliers.
Kelly Laurel of Siemens Government Technology says that by building smaller units, as opposed to larger scale plants, it is more economic, and that allowing Siemens to assume responsibility for the plants in Wasilla, is beneficial for I-G-U.
I-G-U Board Member Patrice Lee, talked about their goals moving forward.

Patrice Lee, Board member with Interior Gas Utility; "Well, we have goals. We have affordable energy, and we want to clean up our air. And we want to make