Nation Weather Service 'Expect Roads to be Slick'

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - With a weather system bringing warm temperatures and precipitation, the National Weather Service continues warning people to drive safely.
According to NWS Meteorologist, Ben Bartos, this is the third wettest October on record.
The current system is moving out of the Interior, leaving insignificant snow fall and cooler temperatures behind it.
Roads are expected to remain icy and slick this evening and tomorrow morning.
Bartos discussed what to expect over the next few days as the system leaves the area.
Ben Bartos; Meteorolgist - National Weather Service>>"So, it's actually ending today. We'll see a switch to more northerly flow after this low pressure system pushes through overnight tonight. We'll see a substantial cool-off, I'd say, over the next two or three days back to more normal temperatures for the year. We're catching the tail end of it right now. Stay safe when you're driving. Temperatures are going to drop down tonight, so all of the liquid precipitation we've gotten today that's not frozen is expected to freeze overnight. If you're out later tonight, expect roads to get slick and that morning commute tomorrow, expect to be slick as well. I think that's the big thing to impart on folks right now."