NPHS music program receives $5,500 award

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska The North Pole High School music program was presented with the Ford Motor Company Signature Schools Enterprise Award Monday night. The award is a partnership between Ford Motor Company and GRAMMY Museum Foundation. According to Executive Education Director for the Grammy Museum Foundation David R. Sears, the award helps school music programs who have a need and a plan to address the need.

A check for $5,500 was awarded to North Pole High's music program and will go towards new instruments. Director of Band and Orchestra at North Pole High School Gwendolyn P. Brazier, said this money will help upgrade their instruments, which have been around since the school has been opened. "We have percussion instruments that are put together by duck tape right now, because we just haven't been able to afford to replace them, so this is going to mean new equipment that kids are going to be able to play, and because they able to play it and it sounds good, they'll want to continue playing," said Brazier.

Along with the presentation of the award, career day panels were held Monday and Tuesday with music industry professionals at North Pole High School and West Valley High School to talk to the students about jobs in the music industry.