Murkowski's Broad Lands Act Recieves Senate and House Approval

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - As of yesterday, Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski's purposed 'Natural Resources Management Act' has passed the Senate and House.
The bill was introduced in January of 20-19, and took roughly a month to be approved.​

It's described as a sweeping bill -- affecting issues from water and land management to economic land development... as well as defining which Bureau of Land Management and National Forest System lands are open for hunting and fishing.​
Many of the changes affect Alaska directly, and Murkowski spoke about what some of those are.

"Basically help four miners out with claims that had expired, there's a provision that allows for those in the Barrow, Utqiagvik area to be able to access the gravel resource there. Down in Southeastern, Kake, we'll be able to export unprocessed logs," said Murkowski.

Another purpose of the bill is to allow Native Alaskan Vietnam Veterans to apply for an allotment of land within the state.
The bill still has to be approved by President Trump, and is awaiting his signature.