More information has been released on man with machete at Pioneer Park

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - According to charging documents, on Thursday night, Diego Sandoval-Ledesma was dressed in a tuxedo, playing on a spring teeter-totter around children in the playground with his machete in an open bag on the ground.

According to one of the victims, three teenagers decided to hop on the opposite side of the teeter-totter from the defendant.

Sandoval-Ledesma then motioned to his machete with his eyes and said to the teenagers that he was going to take them to a shed “and have some fun.”

When the boys were interviewed, the teenagers said that they feared that he was threatening to rape and kill them.

The boys then ran and got their parents to call 9-1-1.

The defendant admitted to police that what he said to the teenagers was meant as 'grotesque humor.'

Sandoval-Ledesma was arrested on three counts of Assault in the 3rd degree.