More details revealed about missing soldier

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - It's been over four days since anyone has seen 22-year-old Fort Wainwright soldier, Mason Heimer. Before work on Monday, Mason stopped for breakfast at McDonald's off the Johansen Expressway and used his debit card. But since then, no one has seen or heard from him.

He owns a 2011 dodge ram with the license plate number JYF485. We spoke to Mason's sister Kaytlee Friday, and she said he purchased his truck recently, so it could still have paper tags. She also indicated there's a dent in the rear bumper, but they're not sure which side it's on, and there's a scratch that looks like a bear claw on the left side of the bed.

Kaytlee says they don't suspect he packed up for a trip. She also told us authorities are tracking his phone, and he did not have a fit bit or traceable device. Authorities are working on obtaining any camera footage from the surrounding area.

Heimer's father is still in town from Texas, and is asking for any help he can get to locate his son.

"We really want it to be put out there that our dad is up there. So, you know, if he is out there, and in danger somewhere, he knows that dad is there. If they're looking for a truck with a certain license plate and see a temporary tag, you know, they might overlook it. So we think it's very important to know that it could still be temporary tags. We are not a hundred percent certain it's either temporary or the real plate," Kaytlee Heimer said.

If you have any information that could lead to Heimer or his vehicle, please contact Alaska State Troopers at 451-5100.