Monroe Students Preform RAMS Day Community Service

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Students from Monroe Catholic High School performed public service today by visiting the various non-profits around town and volunteering.
Every Wednesday before Thanksgiving, students participate in Monroe's 'RAMS Day', which has been in place more than 15 years.
The goal is to teach students about different non-profit agencies in town, and the services they provide.
New this year, the youth got to partner with the Fairbanks Rescue Mission and 'The Door'.
At the Rescue Mission, students got to decorate for the upcoming Thanksgiving meal, as well as bring food donations, table centerpieces, and blankets.
Teachers and students volunteering at the Rescue Mission say it's a great feeling to help the community.

Sarah Minkus; English Teacher>>"I think the kids are really excited to be out in the community and I think it's really good, the day before Thanksgiving to be thinking about other people and not just yourself and kind of be practicing those values that we have at the Catholic Schools of Fairbanks."

Abigail Allen; Monroe Junior>>"It's cool to be able to see that and like realize that they need help and it makes me want to do it more often than just on RAMs Day and just the community service I do every year for high school and it's just cool to go out and help and just do what I can to make it a little bit better."

At The Door, students worked to sort and organize donated clothing.
Teacher, Martha Bristow, has been volunteering for RAM's Day since its inception.
She says she has great pride in her students.

Martha Bristow; English Teacher>>"This is one of my favorite days of the year with my students because they're at their best. They are naturally helpful and compassionate people and give them an opportunity to go to work and they do."