Mayor Kassel Confronts Superintendent Gaborik's Statements

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Borough Mayor Karl Kassel is pushing back against Superintendent Karen Gaborik's questioning of his support for education.
In statements to the Fairbanks City Council Monday, Kassel said he didn't understand why the district would be dissatisfied with his budget.
He says the schools asked for an allocation of $50 million, which is how much he set aside for the district.
He also questioned why the school board and Superintendent Gaborik are choosing to make reductions when they have more than 30 million dollars in savings that could go toward covering programs the district is opting to cut.

Mayor Karl Kassel; Fairbanks North Star Borough>>"The biggest thing for me here is why are we cutting programs for our students when we have this much money in the bank? The school district has the money to fund every program they had last year and the additional programs they've talked about, the extended kindergarten hours and such. And I support that, I support all of that. I support what they did last year and I don't think they should cut any of those programs. I don't think teachers should be laid off. There's no need to increase class size. There wasn't a need to increase class size last year. There was a lapse from last year - the money that wasn't spent was 13 million dollars. That's more than enough to fund everything that was cut."