Mary Siah Might Receive More Funds for Maintenance

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Mary Siah Recreation Center might get a little over one million dollars towards facility maintenance in the upcoming year. During a press conference, Mayor Bryce Ward announced an ordinance being proposed to allocate Facilities Maintenance reserve funds towards maintenance of the rec center.

Chief of Staff, Jim Williams, said it will fund 'Life Safety Health' projects to keep the facility running.The maintenance is supposed to sustain the facility for another 3–5 years, barring failure of any major building components.

Williams said it's a short– term fix, but the building will need a long– term solution. "It's not going to fix everything in the facility, and it's not going to fix things that's guarantee a long term viability of the facility, what we will address longer term is the mayor's capital projects plan which would take all that other stuff into consideration and figure out how we want to do that later, but right now, we're just looking at how to keep things going in the short run,” said Williams. The ordinance will be introduced at the borough assembly meeting on February 28th. Public testimony and a vote by the assembly will take place on March 14th.