Mark King trial has continued into its third day

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska When the jury left yesterday King was still on the stand being questioned by his defense attorney Gary Stapp.

King is charged with multiple counts of sexual abuse of a minor from 2016.

Stapp continued to question King about him being described as a jealous boyfriend and other claims the State had made. The defense said some of the States witness’ testimony was impossible to have happened, again saying he never did what he was being accused of. King used his financial records and previous testimony from court hearings to attempt to back up his claims, something the state took issue with during cross examination.

The State disputed much of King’s story, saying he made it all up. At one point they showed him a copy of his financial records that contradicted a date he had given. They attempted to poke holes into his story by claiming he had built his testimony around the evidence given in previous hearings.

The trial seemed to be headed in a different direction this morning when the King showed up in court in his yellow FCC jumpsuit. Judge Temple explained to him that it could taint the jury’s perception of him but he insisted he wanted to wear it. At one point he even seemed to suggest that he was tired of the whole process and wanted to give up. The judge told him this was not the time for that and that he had not been convicted yet. After a talking with his attorney in private for over 15 minutes he decided to change into civilian clothes and continue the trial as planned.

Judge Temple had hoped to finish the trial today, but questioning took too long. Tomorrow the Jury will either listen to some of the interviews and recorded calls from the beginning of the investigation, or they will go straight to closing arguments and then begin deliberating.
We will have more on this story tomorrow.