Marijuana Control Board meets in Juneau to discuss Governor Dunleavy’s repeal proposal

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The latest news on Governor Dunleavy's proposal to repeal the boards tasked with regulating alcohol and marijuana in Alaska has sparked interest as that board begins a three day meeting in Juneau.

According to the Associated Press, Governor Dunleavy is expected to propose a repeal of the board as part of a streamlining effort, and transfer the board's responsibilities to the commerce commissioner.

Jana Weltzin an attorney specializing in cannabis law, says it's important to save the board tasked with regulating Alaska's legal marijuana industry, and is concerned that public input on matters affecting the industry could be diminished under the proposal. A spokesperson for Dunleavy says the governor recognizes that the use of marijuana is legal in Alaska, and has no intention of changing that. He also says Dunleavy has no desire to push the industry one way or the other, and that eliminating the board would require legislative approval.

Further details are expected when the repeal legislation is introduced.