Man accused of murdering Kotzebue girl

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Peter Wilson, age 41, is accused of murdering 10-year-old Ashley Johnson-Barr of Kotzebue. According to a press release from the Alaska Department of Law, her autopsy revealed signs of trauma including strangulation and sexual abuse.

Ashley first disappeared from a community playground late in the afternoon of September 6. Her body was discovered eight days later outside of Kotzebue's city center in an off-road section of tundra thick with alder and willow bushes.

Wilson has been in custody since his arrest on September 14, the same day Ashley's body was recovered. He's accused of making false statements to a federal agent. Investigators say he lied to a member of the FBI's Child Exploitation Task Force as search teams scoured Kotzebue for signs of the missing girl.

Wilson faces multiple state charges including murder, kidnapping, sexual abuse of a minor, and tampering with evidence. If found guilty, he could receive a life sentence.