Man accused of attempted murder and kidnapping pleads guilty to a reduced charge of second degree assault

Christopher Gillaspy pleaded guilty to second degree assault in court Thursday.
Gillaspy was initially charged with attempted murder and kidnapping, along with multiple lesser charges including, assault and robbery.

The charges stem from an incident in 2017 in which Gillaspy and the co-defendant, Jeffery Van Eyck allegedly stole over $20,000 in rare coins from the victim, then proceeded to beat her and threaten to kill her.

She was able to call the troopers, who responded arresting Gillaspy and Van Eyck.
The prosecution agreed to drop all of the charges except the assault II charge if Gillaspy would plead guilty to that and agree to pay over $2000 in restitution.
He also had to agree to testify against his co-defendant, either at trial or at a change of plea sentencing.
Gillaspy will be sentenced after he testifies.