Making a Change: Elementray Students Raise Money for Food Bank

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Students at Crawford Elementary School on Eielson Air Force Base raised over 700 dollars for the Fairbanks Community Food Bank.
For the second year in a row, the third through sixth grade students donated their change through the month of November to help the Food Bank provide milk for monthly food boxes.
Last year's total was around 650 dollars, and this year they surpassed that number by about 100 dollars, with the final tally being 757 dollars and 76 cents.
Student Ambassador Leaders, Karen Bussa and Sonya Crooks, talked about why they started this fundraiser, and what they hope to achieve next year.

Karen Bussa; Behavior Aide - Crawford Elementary>>"We wanted to do something different than a food drive for the Food Bank, and so we started this last year, and we felt like it was kind of successful, so we upped our game this year a little bit and beat last year's total. But we wanted to just collect spare change to be used to purchase milk for the food boxes. Because kids need milk for healthy bodies."

Sonya Crooks; Special Education Aide - Crawford Elementary>>"I just told them in the gym that it would be great if we could do about a thousand."