Make a Plan to Keep Your Family Safe this Wildfire Season.

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Wildfires are already cropping up in areas surrounding Fairbanks.
But what happens when those fires creep closer to our homes?
There have been 84 fires this season that have burned 17-thousand acres.
Officials say having a plan is the best way to be prepared.
It's nice to think that a wildfire won't spread to residential areas, but fires and nature are unpredictable.
A change in winds could easily set a fire on a collision course towards our neighborhoods.
Beth Ipsen works for the BLM Alaska Fire Service and gives some key points to remember when making your plan.

"There's four P's. There's people, prescriptions, pets, and paperwork. And having a plan, it's good for any kind of natural disaster." Said Ipsen.

Having a plan well in advance can make evacuation easier, should it become necessary.
Another way to prepare, is to make your house "fire wise".
Ipsen gives some ways to do that.

"If you have trees with limbs that are close to the ground, cut them up as high as you can reach. Clean out your gutters of any kind of debris. Pick up any kind of dead debris, dead grass. Move your wood pile away from your house because embers can get into wood piles and light your house on fire." Ipsen said.

When making your evacuation plan, be sure to pack enough for three days, and practice your plan regularly.