Make-A-Wish Recipient Visits Local Fire Stations

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Traveling from Northern Wisconsin, the King family arrived in the last frontier with 'Make a Wish' for an Alaskan adventure.
Watching the Northern lights, dog sledding, and visiting with reindeer were just some of the activities Isaac King and his family were able to do... but there was one tour that meant something more.

Col. Sean Fisher; Garrison Commander - Fort Wainwright>>"It is by the virtue and authority of the United States Army Garrison Alaska, we hereby recognize you as an honorary firefighter with all honors, rights and privileges. We appreciate your visit and making you a part of the greater Fairbanks Military Community."

While at the different Fort Wainwright fire stations, King was able to ride along and drive various vehicles.
He even got to take a turn aiming the fire hose.
King also visited the North Pole, Fairbanks, and University fire departments.
His mother, Shonda King, says the 'Make a Wish Foundation' really did make a difference.

Shonda King; Isaac's Mother>>"Our local fire station kind of adopted Isaac after he was diagnosed with Leukemia about two and a half years ago and he's just become best friends with them and he visits probably every couple weeks and they've really sort of taken him under their wing and become his great friends and supporters so he sort of expanded that into a love of all fire fighters and he's gotten to know departments from all over the country and really they've been his biggest supporters and we can't be grateful enough for that. Make a Wish has been wonderful. They've organized a lot of things. They take care of expenses for almost everything and so really this is just a chance to get together and be a family and get Isaac's wish granted."