Major phone outage throughout Fairbanks, fixed by lunch time

The City of Fairbanks phone system was offline Thursday morning. All city departments found themselves unable to send or receive calls on the Alaska Communications system. According to the city's Facebook page, which was used as the primary source of communion to the community, the problem began on the West Coast and had reached all the way east to Ohio and North to Alaska.

Acting Fairbanks City PIO, Angela Snow, said the main concern during this outage was the 911 line.

“The 911 system was our first priority and we were working to ensure those lines stayed open and available to the citizens. That's the most important part of what we do. Regarding other calls to the departments, we obviously tried to let the citizens know what the situation was and that we would be working to make their contact with us available as soon as possible," she said.

Alaska Communications, is still investigating the cause of the outage. As of 11:40 a.m., local and in-state long distance service was back on line, however, the company is still working to repair long distance out of Alaska.

Director of External Affairs with Alaska Communications, Heather Cavanaugh, said that customers don't need to take any action.

“Customers will not need to do anything to make sure their service is working again, so it has been restored, and as soon as long distance outside of Alaska is back up and ruining, we'll let you know. We apologize for the disruption and know that it's an inconvenience and we thank our customers for their patience," Cavanaugh said.