Machete wielding man apprehended at Pioneer Park

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Just before 3 p.m. Wednesday, local law enforcement were called to Pioneer Park after multiple reports of a man chasing park goers with a machete, in an attempt to rob them.
The entire Fairbanks Police Department day- shift and swing- shift force, along with every available Alaska State Trooper, responded to the scene.
A Good Samaritan saw the man trying to break into cars, then called police while taking photos.
The suspect saw the caller and begin chasing the witness.
Another person saw that the suspect had a machete, while others took cover.
The suspect discarded the machete and his backpack.
Park security helped to point officers in the right direction and eventually found the suspect, who was later identified as Rex Owen Defrance, fleeing towards Frontage Road.
He was tazed and detained.
FPD Lieutenant Kurt Lockwood, said he’s thankful for the public corporation in the day’s events.

“I can understand the shock of the general public on a beautiful day like this with your entire Police and Trooper running through the park with everything from rifles, pistols, to numerous lethal shot guns. Fortunately we got a weapon wielding guy out of the part today without injury to anybody what so ever,” he said.

Defrance was remanded to Fairbanks Correctional Center on one count of Robbery and one count of Assault.
All park activities resumed to normal, and no injuries had been reported at the time.