Lt. Gov Meyer comments on race between Dodge, LeBon, awaiting Alaska's Supreme Court decision

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - With the legislative session four weeks away, the race for District 1 is on hold and awaiting the Alaska Supreme Court's decision on Kathryn Dodge's appeal of the recount results. Lieutenant Governor Kevin Meyer said that with the race only being decided by one vote, he can't blame the appeal, but he is worried about the effect of the delay on the legislature.

"It makes it a lot easier, a lot more efficient, if you know the makeup of your group early rather than later. A lot of it has to do with what committee assignments you get, and then based on what committee assignments you have, depends on what office you get, depends on which staff you're able to hire, so it impacts a lot of people. So we thought that it would be beneficial to the whole state of Alaska if we could expedite the hearing," Lt. Gov. Meyer said.

Meyer said they were not given a reason why, but the expedition was denied. Bart LeBon, the certified winner, is currently down in Anchorage for representative training.

"I feel entitled to the office that I had my day. She had her day in Juneau during the recount, and I feel like my win is validated by the Division of Elections, state of Alaska. I'm moving forward with the expectation that I will be serving," LeBon said.

In a statement, Kathryn Dodge said, "I certainly wish that we could have a determination sooner rather than later to make the transition smoother for all involved in the upcoming session, but we are grateful that the court is taking all the time it needs to come to the correct decision, whatever that may be."

The oral argument is on January 4, and although Dodge asked the Supreme Court to make a decision by January 14, it is not guaranteed according to the appellate court clerk.