Lt. Gov. Mallott Resigns After Inappropriate Comments

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Effective today, Byron Mallott is no longer Alaska's Lieutenant Governor. Mallott turned in his letter of resignation this morning, saying that that Alaskans have the right to hold their leaders to high standards and that he has fallen short. It's unclear at this time exactly what happened to cause his resignation, but the letter states that Mallott had made inappropriate comments to an individual of unknown position.

In his resignation, the former Lieutenant Governor named his successor, Valerie Davidson, who was sworn in earlier today. Davidson was the commissioner of Alaska's Department of Health and Social Services before this afternoon. Governor Bill Walker says that he is, "profoundly disappointed by his conduct."

According to the Alaska Division of Elections, Mallott will still appear on the statewide general election ballot with Governor Bill Walker. This means, a vote for Walker in the upcoming election will be a vote for Mallott. With Mallott's resignation, this will mean that if he is reelected as lieutenant governor, Governor Walker would be able to appoint a successor, per the state statute.