Lowering Marijuana Tax Revenue is considered

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Marijuana tax revenue is at its highest, bringing in $1.2 million dollars this past May, but the state is actually looking to *lower marijuana taxes.
The Department of Revenue is proposing to change tax rates for cannabis.
The current tax, per ounce, is 50 dollars for any part of the bud and flower and then 15 dollars for the rest of the marijuana plant.
The proposal would charge growers 50 dollars an ounce for any part of the normal bud and flower but, immature or abnormal buds would be taxed at 25 dollars an ounce.
Under the proposal, the rest of the plant would remain at 15 dollars an ounce.
Marijuana growers pay taxes after they sell to a shop.
The Department of Revenue is accepting comments on the proposed regulation changes. Written comments must be submitted by 4 pm on Friday, August 10th.