Los Vegas Shooting Affects Alaskans

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Officials say a Las Vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock, killed 59 people and wounded more than 520 from his hotel room above the Las Vegas Strip last night.
Paddock allegedly fired his automatic weapon onto 22-thousand concert goers at a music festival, causing the deadliest mass shooting in modern U-S History.
Several Alaskans were in attendance.
At least one Interior resident was injured, and two people from Anchorage were killed.
Interior residents, Mike Cronk and Robert McIntosh, were both present at the event.
McIntosh, a real estate agent for Century 21, was shot 3 times in the chest.
Cronk, a close friend, stayed with McIntosh, helped him apply pressure to his wounds, and moved him to a place where first responders could help.
McIntosh underwent surgery today and is recovering.
His family has declined to speak as he recovers.
Among the 59 reported deaths at the concert were Anchorage residents Adrian Murfitt and Dorene Anderson, who were both shot and killed.
Their next of kin have been notified