Locals line up for book signing by Alaskan author

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - First Friday kicked off this past weekend with a book signing event at The Morris Thompson Building. Many gathered to get a signed copy from the man who put together this well preserved manuscript, along with the Grandson of the author Frederick James Currier.

'An Alaskan Adventure' is a book that seeks to bring out the best in those who enjoy tales of Alaskan history and expeditions. Currier's stories were taken from a diary that he kept while seeking his fortune in Alaska from the late 1800's to the early 20th century.

Randy Zarnke, along with Currier's Grandson, Kirke Jorgensen, both spoke about experiences leading up to getting the book published and how impactful this book has been to read.

Zarnke said, "I found this type written manuscript about five years ago. A friend handed it to me and said, 'I think you would enjoy reading this'. My initial reaction was this is unbelievably good, and my next reaction is, we have to find a way to share this with people who would enjoy this as well, and that's the next step into turning it into a loose leaf manuscript into a book. And it's been a lot of hard work, but very gratifying. A lot of help from a lot of people along the way."

Jorgensen said, "My Grandfather came here to hopefully make his fortune, and he kept a complete diary, kept letters, to and from his home in Wisconsin. It's been really fantastic, I've learned so much just reading it all over, and talking to people who put the book together here."

Zarnke hopes the book will be in local bookstores within the next couple months, but if you would like to find a copy sooner, visit www.alaskantrappers.org.