Locals Protest the Vote to Demolish Mary Siah

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Community members gathered in the parking lot of the Big I pub and lounge to show support and help raise awareness about the upcoming assembly vote on demolition of the Mary Siah Recreation Center.
As they marched to the sidewalks, signs in hand, they made their message known.
With the loss of the facility looming, many from the 'Friends of Mary Siah' group wonder what will happen if the building is torn down, as many senior citizens rely on the pool for activities such as physical therapy.
Member of the group, Michelle Rosser, talked about why it's important to save Mary Siah.

Michelle Rosser; Member of Friends of Mary Siah>>"Mary Siah was originally, its purpose was for the elderly, the handicapped, those people, needing therapeutic therapy, like after surgery many people are referred there to do water walking. The pool has a warmer temperature and it is the environment, it is smaller, it is set up for showers for the handicap."