Local students showed consistently higher performance on the PEAKS than the state

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Alaska Department of Education and Early Development released the results of the 2018 Performance Evaluation for Alaska's Schools, also known as PEAKS, for the state Wednesday, including the Fairbanks North Star Borough School district.

According to school officials, our local district showed consistently higher performance on the PEAKS than the state. For many students, this is the second year they have taken the exam, performing better this year than last year in the English Language Arts and Mathematics assessments.

However officials say that there are several important points to consider around the 2018 PEAKS results. The PEAKS is only one aspect of data, which is looked at. It is not a definitive measure of the effectiveness of specific teachers, schools or the district.

"I've been so excited to hear about our early successes as we shift to a personalized learning model in Fairbanks, and I believe this evolution in the class room will help all of us help serve our students better," said Superintendent Karen Gaborik.

More information about the PEAKS results will be presented at the next school board meeting on September 18. Parents can view their individual student reports in PowerSchool.