Local moms take part in synchronized breastfeeding event

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - In honor of national breastfeeding week, women around the world are getting together to nurse their babies. Friday, Fairbanks mothers joined this synchronized event called the 'Global Big Latch On'.
These women are attempting to set a world record with other participating countries. And they want to help normalize breastfeeding in public.
It's a celebration where women support each other because for many mothers, breastfeeding can be a struggle. Some women may feel isolated and confused.
This event is about moms connecting with other moms to share their stories, expand their support network, and simply socialize.
"I am a big breastfeeding advocate and I definitely believe in normalizing breastfeeding and not trying to hide away while you breastfeed. So I think it's great to spread the word and get out there," said Kaitlan Couto, local mom.