Local man and three others cited for illegal hunting and baiting wolves with poison

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The man who was issued the first hunting license in the state of Alaska has surrendered it to authorities after being sentenced last week. According to the Associated Press, famed hunting guide and aviator, Urban Rahoi, was cited for illegal baiting stations and fined for other hunting related crimes in the Wrangell Saint Elias National Park and Reserve. Authorities alleged Rahoi purchased 14 pounds of artificial sweetener that was used in rabbit carcasses to poison wolves in the area.
Rahoi and Jeffery Harris also operated bear bait stations in an area where such facilities are not allowed. Three men employed by Rahoi - including Harris, Dale Lackner and Casey Richardson - pleaded guilty this month to misdemeanor and felony charges that included falsifying hunt records and guiding out of state hunters on Dall sheep hunts while not licensed.
Rahoi, who turned 100 years old this month, was registered as the first State guide after Alaska achieved statehood in 1959. Although Rahoi was not indicted in the case against the three men, he was identified as an unindicted co-conspirator who was aware of activity at Ptarmigan Lake Lodge, which he owns. A criminal investigation has been on-going since December of 2015, after Alaska Wildlife troopers received an anonymous letter about illegal hunting at Ptarmigan Lake Lodge.