Local girl enlists in Navy, how you can too

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - After high school, many teens decide to take a different path from college and enlist in the armed services. We met one local high school graduate who decided to be 'Forged by the Sea.' After graduating from Lathrop High School in 2016, Seaman Molly Parent decided to join the Navy.

"I did some research into the advancement opportunities as well as educational opportunities. It just seemed like the Navy had the most room for advancement, education, just seemed to have the best working environment as well," she said.

She recently completed eight weeks of boot camp and once she arrives at her new duty station, she will work under the Aviation Maintenance Administration.

"Turns out my best friend in the Marines has the same rating, just the Marine equivalence, and so I did some research into that and he said it was a pretty good gig," she said.

Seaman Parent is off to Norfolk, Virginia to serve America by sea, but before she reaches the east coast, she will be spending some time in Minnesota with family.

"I'm most looking forward to just the opportunity to grow as a person and as a sailor and just to travel the world and see a little bit more of my home town," she said.

Seaman Parent will join the 300,000 who have enlisted in the Navy, to serve and protect our nation. The Navy, Marines, Army and Air Force are all represented here in the Interior. If you're interested in speaking to a recruiter, you can find representatives from each branch at 505 Old Steese Highway.