Local expert says file your taxes early to avoid possible delay due to shutdown

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - As tax season begins, IRS employees are still not being paid due to the partial government shutdown. Leslie McEwen, from Liberty Tax Services in Fairbanks, says it shouldn't change how you file your taxes, it just might take a little longer. McEwen says the IRS is still planning on opening up on January 28, but they will not be hiring temporary employees during tax season which they normally do, so it may take them longer than the normal 21 days from filing to receiving your return.

"We're actually highly encouraging people to file earlier than they normally would, just because a lot of times people rely on that refund to pay a bill or go on a trip or something," said McEwen.

She also says that your refund may be different from previous years due to the new tax laws President Trump implemented and that for some people that means a larger tax return.